Track your way to good health

Online pathways allow you to monitor your activity by tracking various health factors while encouraging you to push yourself to the next level. You can choose to participate in one of our monthly challenges or the RealAge Program.

Monthly challenges

Are you up to the challenge? Put yourself to the test by reaching the challenge goal. Learn More

RealAge Program

Develop a healthy habit by setting a personalized goal and tracking toward that goal over 3 weeks. Learn More

Monthly challenges

During the program year, the Be Well SHBP program offers monthly challenges to motivate and help you to create healthy habits. Earn 120 points up to two times, for a maximum of 240 points by completing two challenges during the program year.

Steps ChallengeJanuary, April, July, OctoberTrack 7,000 steps per day for at least 21 days within the challenge period
Stress Less ChallengeFebruary, May, August, NovemberTrack “never” or “sometimes” stress levels for at least 21 days within the challenge period
Green Day ChallengeMarch, June, SeptemberLog eight Green Day trackers per day for at least 21 days within the challenge period

Tracking made easy

You can sync the health app for Apple, Fitbit, Google Fit, or Samsung Health app with the Sharecare platform to track your steps, sleep, and stress.

RealAge Program

The RealAge Program is a comprehensive healthy behavior program personalized to help you identify your highest lifestyle risks and learn how to improve them. Depending on your health goals, choose from one of the following programs:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Activity

After selecting your category, track your results. You must track one lifestyle activity within the Sharecare platform for a minimum of four days per week (Sunday – Saturday), for three weeks. All three weeks must be completed to receive credit. Earn 120 points one time for completing the RealAge Program.