Worksite wellness

Host a screening event


To be eligible to host a Be Well SHBP® onsite screening event, the worksite must:

  • Commit to a minimum of 40 or more registered participants by the event lock-down date
  • Identify or appoint a Site Coordinator to:
    • Reserve the screening room/location within the facility. (Area should be a large, open, indoor room equipped with heating/ air conditioning, lighting and electricity.)
    • Attend a one-hour webinar training with the Sharecare Event Manager
    • Distribute pre-event promotional materials
    • Post directional signs the day of the event
    • Be onsite the day of the event
    • Work with the Sharecare Event Manager for questions

Participant Safety

Sharecare’s screening vendor, Quest Diagnostics, is making every effort to maintain
the safety of participants and providers onsite. To ensure the safety of everyone, we
have updated our event guidelines as follows:

  • We follow all CDC recommendations regarding protective gear and preventive safety measures.
  • Quest providers cannot come to work sick and/or experiencing symptoms.
  • All equipment, including tables and chairs, provided for the specimen collection at onsite events are disinfected after each participant.

How can Site Coordinators help?

  • Reserve space for the event that will allow stations to be 8-10 feet apart.
  • Set the screening room to a cool temperature to help accommodate the providers’ additional personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Be available during the event to answer questions and help employees sign in.