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The program is confidential, voluntary, and offered at no additional cost to you.

You are NOT eligible to participate in 2024 biometric screenings provided by Sharecare and the screening vendor, Quest Diagnostics. Kaiser Permanente is offering screenings for KP members. All biometric screenings and incentives administered by Sharecare are only available to members and their covered spouses enrolled in Anthem and UnitedHealthcare Commercial (non-Medicare Advantage) Plan Options. For questions about the KP wellness programs, resources and incentives, contact KP member services at 855-512-5997 or visit

If you feel that certain records are inaccurate or if you just want to remove them, you always have the option to remove any records with the Add/Delete functionality. You can also add information you want included in your Health Profile. Currently you can delete conditions, immunizations, medications and procedures. You must go to and log in to access your Health Profile. The Add/Delete functionality is also available through the Sharecare App (iOS and Android). Please see some example screens below for removing unwanted Health Profile records. If you have questions or need assistance, please call Sharecare at 888-616-6411.