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Nominate a
Georgia school
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Your school could win a refurbished basketball court! Applications are open until 6/28/2024.

Application Evaluation for the Following Categories

  1. Title 1 Qualification:
    Public schools that serve children in poverty play a crucial role in shaping their future. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every child receives a quality education, regardless of their circumstances. If your school is a Title 1 Qualification institution, you are eligible to submit an application for the Jump Shot For Health program.
  2. Community Health Risks:
    We understand the importance of a healthy community for fostering student success. If your school faces specific health challenges within your local area, share these concerns with us through your application. By addressing community health risks, we aim to create an environment that promotes well-being and academic growth.
  3. Facility Health Risks:
    Safe and conducive learning environments are essential for students to thrive. If your school faces facility-related health risks that hinder effective education, let us know. We’re committed to helping schools overcome these challenges to create secure and comfortable spaces for students to learn and grow.
  1. Brief Essay Submission on School Culture:
    We value the role of school culture in shaping students’ experiences and outcomes. Submit an essay that provides insights into your school’s culture – how it promotes inclusivity, creativity, and student engagement. Your essay will be an entry point into the unique aspects that make your school a nurturing and inspiring place to learn.
  2. Status of Current Facilities for Physical Activities:
    Physical activity is integral to holistic education. Share with us the status of your school’s current facilities for physical activities by uploading photos of your current outdoor basketball courts (or absence of courts as applicable). By understanding your needs and limitations, we can work towards enhancing these spaces to encourage students to lead active and healthy lives.

As you apply, remember that our evaluation process is rooted in understanding your needs and the potential impact our support can have. We’re dedicated to creating positive change in education and well-being, one step at a time. Although we strive to assist all applying schools, those not chosen as Jump Shot For Health Sweet 16 finalists will still receive information about community programs in Georgia. Your application could be the catalyst for transformative improvements in your school community.

Submit your application today and join us in our mission to create brighter futures for students everywhere.

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