Making new habits takes time. Sometimes you need a little help to get there.

Guided programs can help you improve your nutrition, reduce your stress, and live a healthier life. From tobacco cessation to learning resilience to improving diet, Be Well SHBP® well-being program offers several powerful programs that can help you learn new health habits and get results.

Enroll and participate in one or more of these programs to be entered to win a prize valued at $300. The more programs you participate in the higher your chances to win.

  • Unwinding by Sharecare: On demand stress reduction and resilience building
  • Unwinding Anxiety®: Manage stress and anxiety
  • Craving to Quit®: Quit tobacco and vaping
  • Eat Right Now®: Manage and control food cravings

January 1 – August 31

50 people will win a prize valued at $300!

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